Monday, November 10, 2014

Sekarang Setelah Dulu

Telah kututup kisah tentang kita
Walau segala hal & cerita tentang kamu masih membuat hatiku resah
Pikiran dan lidahku tak sejalan
Aku bilang tak suka nyatanya harus ku menahan senyum di wajah

Terkadang mengingat kamu membuat sakit hati
Tapi sekuat aku menyangkal semua rasaku
Aku yang paling mengetahui apa yang di hati
Aku yang paling menyadari siapa yang di hati

Takut jika bertemu
Takut masih mencintai
Takut kembali berharap
Takut aku masih menginginkanmu

Hanya sekedar pesan singkat di tiap tahun
Hanya sekedar ucapan selamat ulang tahun
Hanya itu yang membuat masih ada 'kita'
Bukan hanya aku dan dia

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Do You Remember?

Do you remember when we had our breakfast every morning?
Together we talked so many things
It seemed so simple but it was beautiful
Do you remember everytime we watched and we had never finished the movie?
All because we had our world and cuddled
Shared all things and it was very sweet
Everytime we looked at each other and felt the love we had
I can't forget it and I really miss it
I miss you and us being together
Held your hand or slept with you
I miss every second of us
Do you remember me?
Someone who loves you so much and it never change

I miss you. So much

Thursday, May 9, 2013

When You're Gone

I was left with a big hole in my world, misery in my heart, tears in my eyes, and too much memories in my mind. My expectation of us was beyond my imagination. And it hurt me that much. The fact that you didn't bother every single thing about me anymore is too hard to be accepted.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dear You

Everything that I wrote on this blog are still felt by me
How can my feeling and love for you haven't changed?
Not after our fights, our tears, or anything else
And not fading away after all this time

I love you so much and it's true :(

The Reasons Why 2

A friend of mine told me to get you back again if you're really the one I want. Maybe until I have no energy and love left.
But honestly I'm not ready to do it again
I've done it, not once, but twice
They ended up with me broken,
again and again
I'm not ready to be broken again
I still have much for you but you don't
Even deep down inside I wanna do it,
I don't know how and I'm not sure I can
Actually I wanna prove to you that,
I'm better now
I can balance you
I can love you better than before
I can be more patient
But I don't have any chances to do those
I have so much to give but you don't want mine anymore
It's sad but the fact
How hard I deny or fight it, it will bite me back
And I'm not capable to accept that kind of hurt anymore
Yes, I admit that I'm weak and I love you so much
But still, I don't wanna disturb you with my selfishness
It's not love but just an obsession

The Reasons Why

You are a PERFECT FIT for me

The one who doesn't put any interest in technology
Always asks me about it
Who considered my opinions though I'm ten years younger
We could chat all the time without getting bored,
talked and shared about everything
We were romantic and sweet
You appreciated my efforts and loved me in a perfect way
You responded to me and my problems very well
Maybe I'm exaggerating this thing
Because if you were the right one, we would still together now
But I'm sure you understand this
You're really my type
Beautiful, flirtatious but not too sassy,
hard worker, smart, a very good listener,
and you mixed up well with my friends
You can be a friend for my friends.
Not just a "girlfriend of mine" who was good at them because you were my girlfriend

Maybe I write all these things above because I really love you deeply and true
I know you're not mine anymore
I don't know how to make this right and I don't have that chance anyway
I just know that letting you go is the biggest mistake in my life
And I will give everything to have you back in my life